Check your Louis Vuitton Data Code for authenticity on this page.

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You can check the code of your Louis Vuitton bag for authenticity on this page.

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Example of a valid Louis Vuitton number: CA4121
Produced in Spain in the 42nd week of 2011.

Note/Disclaimer: The validity of the code does not necessarily indicate the authenticity of the product. To ensure that a Louis Vuitton product is genuine, additional aspects must be checked, including material, craftsmanship, scent, design, and other criteria.

Most frequently asked questions:

Does a Valid Date Code Confirm Authenticity of Your Bag? + -

The code doesn't determine the authenticity of your bag!

Since Louis Vuitton's code only indicates the time and place of production, it can be replicated by counterfeiters.

Even if the code is valid, your bag might be a fake.

To authenticate your bag, you need to examine other aspects such as stitching, material, model, odor, and more.

For more information on ensuring the authenticity of your bag, you can visit this LINK.

Where do I find the Louis Vuitton Date Code? + -

You will find the Louis Vuitton code on the inside of the bag, usually hidden.


Often the code is located on the side of the bag, close to the side seams of the bag or on the zip. It can be printed, for example in black, or stamped (mostly into Alcantara Leather).

Read where exactly the code is located here: LINK

Is the Louis Vuitton Date Code unique? + -

The Louis Vuitton Date Code is not unique!

As several bags are produced in the same week and at the same location, the number is not unique.

Do all LV bags have a Serial Number? + -

Louis Vuitton has only been using Serialnumbers in their leather products since the 1980s and since 2021, RFID chips have been processed in the bags instead of codes.

Consequently, not all Louis Vuitton have processed a number / code. All bags that are in the period (1980 - 2021) have a number.

When did Louis Vuitton start using Serial Codes? + -

Louis Vuitton has been using codes in their leather products since the 1980s.

My bag has no code, can it be real? + -

Yes, not all Louis Vuitton bags feature a date code.

Louis Vuitton exclusively employed serial codes for bags produced from the 1980s until 2021.

If your bag was manufactured prior to the 1980s or after 2021, it will not possess a serial number.

Does Louis Vuitton use authenticity cards? + -

No, Louis Vuitton does not use authenticity cards like e.g. Chanel.

Therefore, it is very important to keep the invoice or only buy used Louis Vuitton designer bags from verified online shops.

Is the Serial Number on my invoice? + -

No, you'll only find the Louis Vuitton number in your bag!

Find out how to check your Louis Vuitton bag for authenticity here:

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